Our Team

Meet the Globalists behind the scene.


Jane Lee


Made in California, designed in Seoul, Jane Lee is a senior public relations student currently studying “aboard” in New York City. You may have heard from her through our weekly newsletters, email blasts, or the occasional pitch to share your story. While caffeine, guac and funky brass fuel her march through the big city, her fellow Globalists inspire her to continue making her world a bigger place.


Amy Nakamura

Design Director

Amy Nakamura is a junior dual major in magazine journalism and international relations. She is from Kapolei, Hawaii and misses the beach a lot. When she’s not working, she loves to cook and watch her favorite show, Game of Thrones.


Krishna Pamidi

Content Editor

Rick & Morty addict and self-proclaimed expert of good cinema. Meet your Content Editor, Krishna Pamidi, a junior studying Finance and Accounting. Responsible for coordinating the incredibly talented writers at Globalists, you can also find him drooling over fine automobiles.


Sonia Wee

Social Media Director

If not for her romanticized version of upstate New York, she’d still be in sunny Singapore. Nonetheless, Sonia is proud to call Syracuse University her home away from home. She is growing accustomed to trudging through like ten feet of snow, coffee in hand, in the snowiest city in America. As Social Media Director for Globalists, Sonia ensures you are all in the know of the latest additions to our publication. In her spare time, Sonia chooses to FaceTime her cat instead of doing her homework.


Marijke Pieters-Kwiers

Staff Photographer

A picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s one of the many reasons photography freshman Marijke Pieters-Kwiers fell in love with the medium of photography. Each week in Eye on ’Cuse, she will use visual narratives creatively to voice the stories and identities of students on campus.


Mansi Tanna

Social Media Assistant

Mumbai-native Mansi Tanna is a sophomore psychology major. Discovering new music, traveling and watching horror movies are some of the things that exhilarate her.


Jiaman (Maggie) Peng


Jiaman Peng goes by Maggie, but she appreciates your effort trying to pronounce her name. Driven by curiosity at heart and an innate desire to learn, she puts her wondrous mind to scouring stories and challenging stereotypes as Editor-in-Chief. She is currently trying to learn guitar and rock climbing, so probably struggling with barre chords or stuck on a wall right now.


Kaizhao (Zero) Lin

News & Copy Editor

Born in China, Kaizhao Lin (aka Zero) is a junior dual major in international relations and newspaper journalism. Zero establishes “Daily News Bites” and “Weekly News Briefing” in fall 2019, the window of international news for Globalists. As copy editor, he is the major eye reading every article to pick up grammatical and stylistic errors. Meanwhile, he wants to dig into East Asia and freelance intercultural thoughts.


Sujean Ghang

Design Editor

Sujean Gahng is a sophomore computer art and animation major from Princeton, New Jersey. Although she loves doodling on her drawing tablet, she spends her time listening to historical podcasts and binging The Great British Bake Off.


Joann Li

Communications Director

Joann is a senior broadcast & digital journalism and IT dual major from Shanghai, China. She has a passion for storytelling, coffee, and her cat Abby. Joann is very involved on the SU campus and is always working to make Syracuse the most inclusive and accepting place that she can. Never hesitate to reach out or connect with her!


Austin Coldon

Staff Writer

Mixtape writer Austin Coldon-- a.k.a “The Wizard of Auz”-- is an aspiring DJ/producer, writer, and future law student currently studying Philosophy at Syracuse University. Inescapably concerned with the essential questions of life, consciousness, meaning, value, and existence, Auz’s expedition into the outermost boundaries of human understanding is fueled by a drive to confront all that is intriguing, exciting, astonishing, and impossible, so that he may share it with those who are also interested in the exotic fruits of reality


Jason Zhou

Web Assistant

Jason is a junior majoring in Information technology management. He is from Jinan, China and misses the food a lot. He is a multidisciplinary designer who’s focused on user experience, visual identity, and product strategy. When he’s not working, he loves to cook and doing some design work.